Super Brain Training

We use a neurofeedback device to train the brain to improve memory, relaxation, attention and concentration. This Korean technology is used in schools in Korea. This course is suitable for both children and adults (5 years old and above).

Neurofeedback is a technology that can develop the neural network by adjusting brain waves necessary for the development of the brain while watching one's own brain wave information on a real time basis. It is the most scientific and effective method that can activate the brain by restructure the neurons. This 21st century neuro technology is also known as neural biofeedback.

We suggest student to attend Super Brain Trainining (SBT) at least 60 lessons and above to achieve better and stable results. Minimum 3-4 times a week for ninety minutes duration for each lesson. We have 4 different packages :

1 Month Package : 12 lessons

3 Months Package : 36 lessons

6 Months Package : 72 lessons

1 year package : 144 lessons

Benefits of this tranining are :

  • Improves Memory
  • Relaxation
  • Attention
  • Concentration
  • Academic Studies