Sunita sharing is a happy mother of Anita (10 years old), because she sees improvement in her daughter after attending GMA brain development training at GMA@Bandar Utama centre. Apart from improvement in studies, her daughter's behaviour has become pleasant as she becomes more positive and well disciplined. Her satisfaction with GMA makes her to join the Super Sensory for Adult training (SSA) and she is has many positive experiences with the training!

- Sunita Sharing

Ms Wong is another satisfied parents who shared about her children, Wen Jae (13 years old) and Ee Lynn (8 years old.) She testifies about several aspects of improvements after attending GMA brain development training at GMA@Bandar Utama centre. The most tangible improvement is to see the marks improving at the report cards and the positive mindset in her children helps everyone to be full of smiles. The mother is always comforted to see behavioral changes in her children after a period of continuous training the brain according to the GMA methods.

- Ms Wong Sharing

Mr Thye is an Actuarial Analyst in the banking industry. He feels more intuitive and he is positive that he will continual to improve as long as he continues to practice after the two-days workshop in GMA@Bandar Utama Centre.

- Mr. Thye

Ms L. is a housewife and she is able to achieve 90% accuracy during the Super Sensory practice (blindfolded with eyes closed) on the second day of the workshop! Her amazing performance is indeed wonderful.

- Ms L

Dato M, business man, has given a good feedback after attenting SSA training at GMA@Bandar Utama Centre.

- Dato M

Ms Mar is a music teacher with 2 children and she is amazingly satisfied after she is able to use her super sensory to distinguish and different the four colours on the flash cards.

- Ms Mar

Madam Foo is 75 years old and she is able to distinguish and different all the colours on the flash cards by touching and hearing (auditory sensory) the cards (red and black color.) She is attracted to attend the MMA/SSA Training because she wishes to improve her memory power.

- Madam Foo

Jake is an artist and shared about the benefits of having a positive mindset and outlook in life that is so important for successful people.

- Jake Artist

Ms Mar has a strong belief system about what we are doing and she is extremely positive and satisfied by the lessons taught at GMA.

- Ms Mar

Mr Phang is so happy about the workshop and he is very positive now with lots of energy to move forward!

- Mr Phang