Students Benefitted


Ms Punita (from Sg Buloh)

According to the mother, her 8 years old son Noah (who was diagnosed as autistic) shows improvement in learning and understanding abilities after two months of training at GMA center.

Ai Ling (from Cheras)

Ping Yuan son is a 5 years old hyperactive and unable to focus in his studies has improved from position No.3 in 2014 to position No. 1 in 2015 (scoring 100% for all his subjects.) According to his mother, her son has shown significant improvement in memory and learning abilities just after three months of practice! Everyone is amazed by the fast improvements!

Peter (from Bangsar)

His son, Wallace, 7 years old, had attended GMA 2 years ago. He noticed his son’s memory has improved tremendously. His son achieved 100% in his weekly spelling test for Malay and English almost every time. He found that this training will help him greatly in his future studies.

Grace (from Shah Alam)

Her sons, Joshua, 10 years old, and Xavier, 8 years old, having training in GMA since 3 years. Joshua used to very hot temper and emotional boy, now, his emotional has been under controlled and well behave. Xavier who has low self esteem and confidence, now, his confidence has been improved.

Ms Wong (from Damansara)

Her son, Weng Jae, 12 years old, and daughter, Yee Lynn, 8 years old, their memory has been improved. Yee Lynn improved tremendously in her study and won few medals in speech contest in school.

Lai Poon (from Damansara)

Her daughter, Hai Qin, 12 years old, after attended GMA training, she went from grade C to grade A within 3 months, her interest of learning, confidence and memory have improved.  She is now more positive and happy. Hai Qin score 7As in her UPSR exam in 2015!

Anno Cho (from Damansara)

Her son, Jonathan, 12 years old, attitude and concentration have improved. The son got 100% in math exam and won bronze medal in math competition among international school. His son became role model student in his tuition school after attend GMA training.

Jess Lai (from Damansara)

Her son, Augustine, 6 years old, learning ability has improved. His drum lesson teacher comments he can play drum very well and fast within this 2 months. He got No.1 in class this year.

Guat Hoon (Belakong)

Her daughter, Jia Ying, 6 years old, attend GMA training while she was 5 years old. Her study has improved tremendously, especially in Bahasa Malaysia and Mathematics. Last year she got No1. In class and this she again got no 1 in class. This year she scored 100% in 4 subjects and 98% in 2 subjects.


Ms Mar (45 years old, music teacher,  from Damansara)

Attended GMA adult course, sensory and intuition have been improved. She is getting calmer innerly, more happy and less fears, and more positive now.

Ms Ewe (60 years old, selling sub conscious mind music CD, from Damansara)

Attended adult class, improved in concentration after the training.

Emy Lim (42 years old, housewife, from Damansara)

Attended adult class, feel more confident and positive. Found this training is very good and have sent her 4 children to GMA training including her husband!

Dato M (52 years old, Business man, from Damansara)

He sent his son to GMA training, and was impressed by his son, therefore , he himself attended GMA adult class (SSA) and feel enjoyed the overall programme. “It extremely useful/beneficial to use this tactics on children in their early stage of their life” – this is what his feedback after the class.