Abena, 33 years old, from Chicago, United State, who flied 26 hours to Malaysia to attend GMA adult class@BU centre!

- Abena

Ms Ewe, (60 years old) working in one of the mind related company. Before attended GMA training, she used to read some mind related books before but has no correct methods to train her mind. After attended GMA training, she has learned a teachnique and method to train her mind now.

- Ms. Ewe

Jo, housewife (staying in Hong Kong), had attended GMA's MMA and SSD training. She found this program is helpful and had sent her kids, Jazz (11 years old) and Jay (8 years old) for GMA brain training as well.

- Jo

Mr Lim, 59 years old, Material Coordinator, had good feedback after attended GMA's MMA and SSD training.

- Mr Lim

Bryant Ng, 53 years old, Quality Management Rep., had attended GMA's MMA and SSD training. He found this training is very good and had sent her daughter, Hui Wen (9 years old) for GMA brain training as well.

- Bryant Ng

Emy, 41 years old, is a housewife and her husband Mr Lee, 43 years old, Information and Communication Technology Company director, sent their children, Zi Ying (9 years old), Zi Xuan (8 years old) and Ming Zhou(7 years old) to GMA brain training after they have attended GMA MMA and SSD training and found out this is a very good program which is not only can help themself but also for their children!

- Emy

Thank you Wi for the sharing after attended GMA's SCP (Subconscious Programing or Mind Management for Adult, MMA) and Super Sensory Developement (SSD) training. Wi is a business development manager in an international furniture company.

- Wi

Yee Lyn's achievement after brain training at GMA @ Bandar Utama centre in 2015. She has improve in studies and confidence.

- Yee Lyn

So happy to see Sofea improvement after 2nd time of training in GMA@BU centre!

- Sofea Parents

So happy to see Jonathan speedy improvement not only in academy, but also in his personality! He attended GMA brain development training on May 2015. Great job Jonathan! Keep it up!

- Jonathan