She attended GMA brain development training while she was 9 years old. Before GMA training, she was week in her studies, because of this, coursed her lack of interest in learning.
During that time, she not believed GMA training can help students become smarter, however, she wished to be one of the smart students in GMA. After attended GMA, she followed the instruction and keep practiced at home . After about 3 months of practice, she slowely saw the improvement in her studies. Before GMA, she had very poor result in bahasa spelling, but after few months, her memory had improved tremendously, she scored 100% in bahasa spelling! Now, her studies has improved tremendously, and got "A" in most of the subjects.
She was so happy see the the improvement result. Now, she like learning very much, and also like GMA brain developement training too! She will always come back GMA for tranining again whenever she has time. Now, she can more focus in the class when teacher teaching and understanding has improved.
Besides that, her emotional has been controlled. She used to be hot temper and get angry easily, therefore, she was not happy always. But now, she knows to manage her emotional and not easily get angry. She is very happy, because of this, can helps her to get things done easily.

- Tan Hai Qin

Joe (13 years old), has improved his memory after attended GMA brain training. He shared that he scored 100% in history subject. (He is studying in independent school)

- Joe

Jonathan, 12 years old, first time was selected to represent his school to participate the math competition among other international schools(His school was first time to join the competition). He got 2nd runner in the competition!! He share that he was using GMA method taught by teacher Ayris @BU centre and apply the method in the competition! The mum told that his son has changed and more confidence after training

- Jonathan

Yee Lynn, 8 years old, was happy to share her success in story telling to teacher Ayris! Her mom told teacher Ayris that she found Yee Lynn has improved tremendously in her study after GMA training!

- Yee Lynn

Pin Yan, who used to very active and playful boy. He hards to focus in study before attending brain development training in GMA@BU. Now, he has changed a lot! His memory, concentration and learning ability have improved tremendously! So happy to see your changes Pin Yan! Proud of you! Pin Yan attended brain development in GMA@BU in 2014. Wishing you Happy Learning in the rest of your life Pin Yan! Keep it up! P/S : Few weeks ago, i sent my regards to his mum, but, because the mum didn't save my number, therefore, she was thinking who is this person, then Pin Yan told her that was teacher Ayris! His mum was so suprised how can he knew it without the teacher's name and photo on the phone and some more already more than a year yet he still can remember

- Pin Yan

Hai Qin got 7As in her UPSR 2015! So happy to see her sharing that her interest of learning and memory have imporved tremendously. Wishing you Happy Learning in the rest of your life Hai Qin! Keep it up!
p/s : Hai Qin attended GMA training while she was 9 years old. I still remember she was not so keen to attend GMA training in 3 years ago because didn't know what the benefits for her. But now, she like to come GMA Bandar Utama after she see the amazing result! She is my "little helper" now. Thank you Hai Qin!

- Hai Qin

Jia Ying got No.1 in 2014 and No.1 again in 2015! Proud of you Jia Ying. Jia Ying attended brain development training in GMA at Bandar Utama in 2014.Wishing you Happy Learning in the rest of your life Jia Ying! Keep it up!

- Jia Ying

Juin Xian's achievement from kindergarten to standard 6! He attended GMA while he was kindergarten. He shared that GMA had helped him in his achievement. Well done Juin Xian, proud of you and his family!

- Juin Xian

Happy and Lovely Family from Mumbai, India

- Happy Family from Mumbai, India

Smit, 15 years old, arrange numbers according to shapes using his super sensory!

- Smit