Jonathan, 12 years old, was so happy to share his success to teacher Ayris in his cheerleading competition. He represented his school team and got 2nd runner !
Jonathan's confident has been improved after GMA training!

- Jonathan

Noah, autism kid, 8 years old, is having brain training in GMA Bandar Utama. His understanding has improved after 2 months training

- Noah

One of a student's mum feedback after her son attended GMA brain development training!

- Mom Feedback

Pin Yuan (6 years old) , he attended GMA brain training while he was 5 years old. He used to very playful boy and lack of concentration in study. His mum had shared with me that his teacher even given up to teach him. Now, he has improved his study tremendously! He got top 3 in the class! Good job Pin Yuan

- Pin Yuan

Rayyan, 7 years old, ADHD kid, arrange numbers according to colors blinfolded.

- Rayyan

Ching Yu, 7 years old, arrange numbers according to colors and shapes blindfolded.

- Ching Yu

Aidan (7 years old), attended GMA since 2013 who used to lack of confidence, won his first award in memory competition and got the best camper in a camp! Good job Aidan! Keep it up!

- Aidan

A mom sharing about her friend has a very good feedback after her friend's kids attended GMA training

- Mom

Kyle, 12 years old, arrange number according to shapes by using his super sensory!

- Kyle

Iman, 9 years old, arrange number according to colors by using his super sensory!

- Iman