Jia Ying, 5 years old, attended GMA@BU Centre since 2013. She got No.1 in her class@2014! Well done Jia Ying, proud of you! Keep it up!

- Jia Ying

Celestine Yoong (12 years old) joined GMA brain training programs while she was 6 years old. She is the champion musician in Asia and Europe!
Parents Cooperation + Continual Practice is the key to success!

- Celestine Yoong

Josephine (9 years old) attended GMA brain training since 2012. She has improved in her academy and sport!

- Josephine

Quan (autism kid), 6 years old, attended GMA since 2013. His attention and understanding are getting improved.

- Quan

Even's concentration has been imporved alots after attended GMA brain training courses. She got 18 spoons (score 144!) in concentration mode brainwave training.

- Even

Salome, 12 years old. Her memory is improved alots after attended GMA brain training! Genius Mind Academy(Selangor)脑波潜能开发训练中心 is always do the best to unleash your child's inner potential!

- Salome

Charmaine, 7 years old, got improvement in her studies after GMA SSD training. Charmaine, used to lack of self-confident, shy, and fear of the brainwave sound, after few months training in GMA, her sensory, memory and self confident have been improved!

- Charmaine

Faiz 16 Years Old Before and After

- Faiz

Angel, 5 years old, using her sensory perception to draw a picture in dark room with blindfolded, playing lego and playing games in dark room with blindfolded.

- Angel

3 months before, Quan Quan (5 years old, autism kid) was very affraid of the neuroharmony device and resisted to put on the device onto his head. Now, he can sit down and allow me to put on the device onto his head to measure his brainwave after 3 months training!

- Quan Quan